Digital Health Clearance Platform

CrowdPass allows you to manage your organization’s wellness program from a central portal. Set up on-site testing. Manage health records. Update vaccination and testing status. Healthcare is made easy; with the technology you need.

Platform Features

Schedule Onsite Testing
Easily organize onsite testing with the help of CrowdHealth. Fully trained nurses arrive at your site and take care of everything. Ensure maximum safety & health status without hassle!
Receive post-event analytics regarding attendee presence, concessions, product purchasing patterns, health screening, and more!
COVID-19 Clearance
Meet health mandates with our frictionless verification process. Validate negative test results or vaccination status within minutes with our HumanAPI technology.
Manage Health Records
Keep track of and organize electronic health records using the CrowdPass platform. Have everything in one place with an easy-to-use dashboard view.
Legal Waivers
Incorporate legal waivers and survey questions into the registration process.

CrowdHealth + CrowdPass

Combine CrowdHealth with CrowdPass to turn your event into a smart event. Ensure health and safety while streamlining the hosting process and receiving real-time data analytics from your event.
On-Site Testing
Ensure that all event attendees are healthy by having our team of skilled nurses present at your event to do on-site testing.
Streamline the event check-in by using our advanced QR-Code check in processing.
Attendee & Event Data
Receive both real-time and post-event data analytics from the CrowdPass app. Host smarter events in the future!

Leverage Analytics

Utilize the powerful analytic functions of CrowdPass: track attendance, visitor demographics, engagement levels, purchasing patterns, health status, and much more!

Waiver Feature Reduces Liability

Have your attendees complete a waiver as part of their registration, reducing your liability. Include customizable survey questions – have all your questions answered before the event starts!

Access Control

Seamlessly check in attendees with QR codes while having the option to create access zoning. For example, only allow certain attendees to enter a VIP zone.

Customize Your Event Registration

CrowdPass allows full customization in both visual and content sectors. Use your branding across all pages, invitations, forms, and communications. Include specific registration questions or surveys.

Start Hosting With CrowdPass

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