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Sexual Health

10 Panel STD Test

Test for the 10 most common STI's Chlamydia, 
Gonorreah, Trich, Herpes & more.

Gut Health

GI (Gastrointestinal) Panel

Test your gut health with this GI panel.

Women's Health

Women’s Health Panel

Test for UTI's and Vaginosis

Men’s Health

Men’s Health Panel

Test for free testosterone levels


Respiratory Mini Panel

Test for FluA, FluB, RSV + COVID

how it works

Simplify the way you test with 
CrowdHealth Kits

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Collect Your Sample

Follow the collection instructions to quickly collect your sample.

Mail Your Sample Back

Use the prepaid overnight label to return your sample to our CLIA lab.


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Need help getting started or have questions about Crowdhealth? We’ve got you covered.

How accurate are CrowdHealth Kits?

CrowdHealth Kits are administered in a CLIA lab using the most sophisticated testing equipment and senior lab professionals. Our tests use molecular or PCR technology and the accuracy is greater than 99% on all of our tests. Please follow the instructions for use during collection to ensure the results are not impacted by a poor collection process.

What does the kit test for?

CrowdHealth Kits list every pathogen or disease that the kit tests for on the back of the package. These are also included in the instructions for use. Many of our tests are multi-panel tests; meaning we will screen for multiple pathogens at once and provide the results to each of the pathogens in one report. A multi-panel test ensures all possible results are provided in one collection period offering you the highest piece of mind.

How can I view my results?

CrowdHealth Kits need to be registered prior to the collection of your sample via the QR code provided in the kit. You will enter the kit identifier, your email, and information required to administer the test. You will then mail this back to the CrowdHealth lab. Once the sample is run and results are generated, you will receive a secure email from Amplicon Dx Lab or Crelio. Simply unlock the attached result report via your secure password to view the results.

What are the benefits of CrowdHealth+?

CrowdHealth+ provides it's members with exclusive access to discounted pricing on all CrowdHealth Kits. Additionally, it includes free ground shipping to your address on all CrowdHealth kit orders. In many instances, members will also be able to access discount codes for existing products, and early releases to new products.

How do I prepare for the test?

CrowdHealth Kits include instructions for use. To ensure the most accurate results, please follow these for the collection of the sample. Ahead of the test, please ensure the collection site is sanitary and your hands are washed. This will prevent any contamination. If you are taking supplements or anything that can impact the result, we suggest you do not take them prior to collection.

How do I collect the sample for the test?

Each CrowdHealth Kit includes a set of instructions for use. Please follow these instructions to collect the samples. Many of our tests include collection methods for both genders. It is important to supply the sample with the appropriate collection method.

Why test from home instead of a local urgent care?

Testing from home allows you to test when you want, where your want, and in a discreet fashion. In many cases, the test will arrive in sooner than it could take to schedule an appointment locally. Your test results are provided within the same 24-48 hour period of testing as a local urgent care. CrowdHealth Kits provide the highest level of accuracy via a CLIA lab.

Is the packaging discreet and are my results confidential?

CrowdHealth ships all of your tests in discreet packaging. There will be no labels or indication of the test type on the outer carton. Upon return, your test will be shipped in a UPS (or similar carrier) prepaid package with no external labeling. Your test results are secure with our CLIA lab partner. All data and results are transmitted via a password protected document and meet the appropriate industry standards.

What if I test positive for a result? What do I do now?

Your results will be emailed to you with the information you provided via a secure document. If the report reveals a positive result for any of the tests, we recommend consulting with your local physician and/or healthcare provider. We can provide access to Telehealth and a virtual consultation for an additional charge, should you wish. For tests, that require reporting, such as the STD test, CrowdHealth and it's partners will transmit these results to the appropriate state entities.